2xadult and 1xstudent ticket planet of the apes tonight

    OK so I have 2 adult and one student ticket to see dawn of the planet of the apes tonight at Vue cinema fort. its an 8.30 show.

    I can't go as one person from the party is now well so I am offering this to the first person to reply and want them.

    its Vue extreme premier seats bang centre so a real good positioning.

    I can send the email from vue as soon as I get a response and I am sure you can use the reference to pick up tickets from the machine.

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    Cheers RAhmed1234,
    I've moved this to Misc as you are giving them away rather than selling them

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    im in uddingston m8 anywhere near you

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    I'm east Whitburn but the problem is I need to get the tickets still. not sure if you can pick up with reference only? any ideas

    i dunno really m8 not sure

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    well I can give you the reference and you can chance it if you want

    will try and phone them were they freebies or promotion or so m8 that maybe depend on exchnage of ticket

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    nope paid £38 for the tickets just can't go now

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    WF98RKF Is the reference

    k m8 i try it

    If you called them they might have refunded.

    Firstly singer you could have said thanks!!! Some people these days.

    And op as mentioned pretty sure you could have received a refund if you rang them up

    Thing is, with putting the ref online, anyone could have used it. Thats why its best to use PM.

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    tried but non sorry guys and tbh I just wanted someone to get to see the movie. I'm gutted I didn't get to see it and now im a tad busy at work so I'll wait for the 3d bluray

    Its a brilliant film. We went to see it at the weekend. Superb.
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