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£3 a month to Adopt Endangered Animal (Stuffed Toy & PackNow Free Delivery)

Posted 24th May
We've just watched Our Planet (Netflix) with the children.
Afterwards we went on the website and did a "school day" on this. There's a free page of activities & quizzes that are brilliant for having kids learn something that's enjoyable for the adults as well as children.

And ideas for young people/schools to get involved.

There's numerous animals to adopt (14 to choose from) and the' owner' will receive a certificate, background, fact pack, regular updates and cuddly toy. We selected a Polar Bear.

We did this ages ago and there was a charge for the delivery of the first pack, now that's free on standard 5 day delivery. If you have no need for the toy, you can select that option and obviously you donate more than £3, if you have it.

I'm all coronavirused out, I welcomed something else to worry about 😏
Also I know these things have been around for ages, but at the rate we're going the poor animals won't be
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