3 Accessories/Kondor Scam

    for anyone that put an order in for the the things priced at £0.00 the other day you will realise that you have an email saying that they cant process the order. you may also realise that it was sent to everyone and you can see everyones email address's, this is a bad breach of the data protection act so please fill in this form so that if they get enough complaints something might actually happen…tml

    scroll down to online purchasing and fill in the form, pleaseeee


    what do you mean by something

    hi i have filled out this form and have also done one for the following which deals with data protection here is the link so please complain to both and turn up the heat on them thanks

    yeah im getting spammed emailed them to kick off useless nobs

    ive just filled that form in, im very unhappy at the way they have handled themselves
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