3 Broadband dongle problem

    I have a contract one for £5 a month but in the last day or two has been messing up.

    I dont know if its because I normally use it a few hours a day or the networks congested? but if thats the case why in the last 2 days has it messed up in the evening after 10pm.

    Last night I was browsing and all of a sudden lost connection, when I removed the dongle and reconnected it it came back for a second then died.

    I tried rebooting PC and no luck, left it out 30 minutes then it worked for about another 30 minutes before dying. I then tried it on my laptop and it worked first time. I doubt its signal as the signal is high and best network on each.

    Finally I tried it an hour ago and neither my desktop or laptop worked with it, it saw a strong signal and said connected but no web pages would load, or at least after about 10 refreshed my home page or the 3 page opened but took about 3 minutes to load fully.

    Any ideas?


    Maybe you have reached your bandwidth limit for the month?

    Oh just noticed it started working again, strange.

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    Anyone else any ideas?
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