3 Broadband message ( just need a bit of clarification)


    Last night i was downloading some music and i had a message pop up from my 3 broadband provider which said "You're about to reach your data limit. You'll be charged for further data usage upto and including 14/05/09..

    i presume this means i cannot download any more music without being charged as i have gone to my monthly limit!! i think that is what it means, at the back of my mind i have this thought that it means i have gone over my time allowance with is 100 hrs which im 99.9% sure i havent but i just have this niggle..

    Can anyone confirm that the message i have received purely means i have reached my download limit.



    It means "You're about to reach your data limit"

    I think they warn you with about 200mb left. Go into "my account" that should help you

    Original Poster

    As long at it doesnt affect my monthly time allowance im not bothered thats my only concern.

    dont think we have signed up to 3 planet, i'll have a look.

    If you go over your download limit they will charge you

    I think the charges are quite a bit as well, remember that whatever you do online counts as data usage not just downloading music and films, being on HUKD will drain your usage, so dont carry on using it otherwise youll be charged

    why did you get 3 broadband messages, i usually only get 1
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