3% Cash Back on Apple Products & 0% Interest with Apple Credit Card

Posted 14th Nov
Once Apple releases it’s Apple Credit Card in the UK you will be able to get 3% Cash back on Apple products as well as 0% interest which is reportedly going to Apple to any Apple product purchase direct from Apple however only iPhones have been confirmed officially currently.

Source: google.co.uk/amp…mp/

No confirmed date yet for its release in the UK but it’s expected either late this year or early next.
Just a heads up!

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I think IF it launches in the UK/EU then we won't see the same rates of cashback as credit card fees are much lower compared to the US. Almost every UK card that offered great rates of cashback has closed down the scheme in the last few years. Discounts/cashback on Apple products is likely, but I'm not expecting much on regular spend.
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