3% Cashback on things you Buy OFFLINE at superdrug, JJB, Halfords, Little chef and Cineworld

Found 21st Aug 2008
If, like me, you don't buy things JUST on the internet, and occasionally have the misfortune of meeting the 12-year-old behind the counter at one of these shops, then this gives some light relief. I went to Halfords the other day to get some bits for my car;

Stereo - £40
Air Freshener - £2

And for my bike
2x new tyres - £18
GT85 - £4
New saddle - £12

I also went to Superdrug for some bits and bobs which totaled £22.

Total price: £98

I now have just under £3 in my account. Not much I know but more than some online quidco retailers. Will be especially helpful if you buy large stuff from Halford etc Every little helps - to quote a little known supermarket

Oh and I'm sorry if this is in COMPLETELY the wrong place. I'm a little dim sometimes
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OK ...........sssssssssooooooooooooo you went shopping and now have £3 left ??? :?. Have I missed something:? :?

OK ...........sssssssssooooooooooooo you went shopping and now have £3 … OK ...........sssssssssooooooooooooo you went shopping and now have £3 left ??? :?. Have I missed something:? :?

They mean that they got £3 cashback through wepromiseto.co.uk . You register your credit/debit card with them and they track purchases you make at selected retailers and give you 3% cashback.
Oh yes - I really want some website knowing every time I use my card and where I used it.

Moved to misc Cashback is not guaranteed and therefore doesn't constitute a deal.
Lots of other sites offering this too...
How on earth do they persuade the card companies?
This is so dodgy !!!
Well it's worked for me
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