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    Today ive recieved a letter about the itemised billing! Not really read it as my mums had it (opened my contract when i was 15 so it was in her name) Can i cancel my contract now because of the change? ive just spoke to 3 and they said if im going to cancel there going to charge me £170. Ill be looking to open a new contract. Ive already got a new tocco so im happy with my phone. Wat would be the best deal on new contracts so i can sell the phone on

    Sorry to mither. Theres something else i was going to ask you all but i cant remember at the momento


    i dont really think u can cancel ur contract due to ur itemised billing, if it affected your call charges in ur price plan then it be diffrent story

    if your happy with your phone why not try the sim deal u get soo many mins and texts free a month and its only a 30 day contract, thats assuming u get out of your contract your on at min that is

    What tarrif are you on? Thats what it depends on

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    Dont have a clue haha!
    I just though because i got this letter saying about the billing i could cancel. Cant i say i dont have the interrnet and cant afford the £1 haha

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    It totally depends on the terms of your contract, you'll have to look at the small print there to see if changes negate the contract.
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