3 Contract - need handset

I have a three contract which has only recently been renewed - but my daughter has lost the handset. Three want to charge over £200 for a new handset but I am not prepared to pay that much.

I know that the 3 contract SIM will only work in a 3 handset.

But will it work in a Three PAYG handset?

If so, then are there any suggestions where would I find the best deals on a reasonable handset (new or refurbished).

Many thanks for any help


3sims works on 3 PAYG or any sim unlocked 3G handsets.

The Link has £4.99 nec338 refurbished + £30 credit = £44.99. you can earn 5% via QuidCo too.


cheapest you can get for a 3G phone.

by the way. i have a spare Nokia 6630 brand new in box, wanting to sell. message me if you are interested.

Original Poster

Thanks for you help - much appreciated.

Why can Three not give such a straight forward reply......

Shall be moving contracts elsewhere at first opportunity.

sorry pieman, i missed your private message. would you mind sending it again?

i am very happy with 3, it has almost double the min and txt at the same price as other network. i am particular impressed with the instant allowance check via the handset, so i am always in the know how much i have left in the month.

I agree with you hotdealseeker, definately the best network available in terms of cost and minutes/texts etc....
I would say though that their customer service team is amongst the very WORST I have ever come accross as they are all in India, can barely speak our language and its like talking to an indian robot. No straight answers.

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Thanks for the opinions and I must admit that I have been happy with Three package up until it came to contract renewal time and subsequently needing some help with the lost handset. Each time I called I had to deal with (different) very friendly Indian ladies who I could not understand and who were totally unable to help me unless they were reading off their standard scripts.

There has to be some consideration of customer support when choosing a mobile phone contract.

As an aside, I have recently managed to push O2 online to match the Three deals on another contract that I have. But I wonder if they would be any more responsive if I had a problem?....

Do you know of any published lists, threads or other discussions on the relative merits of each provider?

ommygun3030, i think you might be too mean to the Indian service centre. i agree they respond like robot and often hard to understand their accent.

i have been with 3 since Dec2004, no problem at all with the customer services.

pieman, i think your experience with 3 not able to give you striaght answer is probably they don't know the answer to your question. it happens all the time, when it's highly specific, don't think it's to do with the language.

rumour says duckmagicuk2 is going to thread a discussion on network very soon, if not already.
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