3 customer service...

    Have been on the phone for over 2 hours waiting to report a lost/stolen mobile, on hold all this time.all while the bu**ers are answering my phone cos they are using it....
    will never use 3 again...
    any body else had this?


    they are complete cretins, they took 1155.55 out of my account last week, I do not have a 3 account and they will not give me an explanation. complete rotters!!

    Make sure you make notes of who you spoke to and the time you've been on the phone.

    Worst company for customer get what you pay for tbh

    never had a problem with them

    OP, Lol i cant believe you actually waited on hold for over 2 hours.......didnt you realise there was a football match on tonight? X)

    Wouldn't go there, plus side: they are the only company that I know of that can put a credit limit on your account - So you will never go over your contract probably the best thing about them

    I really like the customer service at 3. Always quick to respond and they are Brits I'm looking at you T-Mobile!


    Original Poster

    Got thru after 2 1/2 hours ....India/pakistan!!!!!!!!!


    Got thru after 2 1/2 hours ....India/pakistan!!!!!!!!!

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