3 Do make me laugh

Jus tbeen on the phone to them to see how much it wouldcost me to end my contract with them because i want to move and get a nokia 5800 and have just had some guy trying to convince me to stay and offering me a sony ericson 890i and trying to tell me its just as good and has the same features but with Better music
where do they get these guys from
o and also telling me not to go with phones 4 u becasue tehy have been on offcom and watchdog LOL


the people at 3 are so annoying, i am all for businesses trying to keep their customers, but 3 go way over the top.

i phoned to end my contract, as it was finishing at the end of the month, and the guy wouldnt have any of it, he kept offering me new packages, i kept saying "but i am going on Pay & Go" ... to get the reply "no problem, why dont you just think about this, its a big decision".

then telling me that it would be best for me to take such a package with 3, i had to put the phone down and re-phone them.

... the guy practically refused me to finish with 3.

I totally pwnd 3 when I phoned to cancel. The guy tried offering me some pretty good deals, but nothing he could do could beat the value of what I could get from O2. The best bit was when he asked me for all the details on the O2 deal, since he, and "some of the guys here" would be interested in it for themselves. Win to me : D

Just rang O2 about mine, got offered £15 off any contract over £30.
Going with a C905, 600 mins, 500 texts and unlimited internet for £20 per month - bargain!

T Mobile are just as bad (if not worse) than 3, ive been attempting to switch from 3 to T Mobile, got the pac code no problem from 3 but attempting to JOIN T Mobile has been a total nightmare with shocking mis-information, lies and rudeness of their awful customer service staff in the Phillipines that ive told them where they can stick their new contract.

Think twice ......
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