3 In 1 Flip or rotating Games Table

I need a flip or rotating multi-games table for my daughters birthday in December. It can be a any combination of Fooseball (American football)/ Air Hockey/ Pool/ Snooker/Table tennis as she loves them all.
I don't really want one that you have to keep lifting the surfaces on and off as she is only 10 and small for her age. I don't want to have the constant "mum" to change the game.

If anyone knows where I can get a decent one for under £100 I would be grateful. They are going for £100+ then approx £40 delivery on e-bay. I can pick one up if it is in Lancashire. otherwise I would need delivery:thumbsup:


not quite sure what the top is like, but know it folds, and was table tennis, pool and think air hockey,

was in makro mail the other week, as was thinking of getting it for my lot, but sorry cant remember how much it was.

not sure if their is a makro near you or if you have a card, but might be worth an enquire.

but will pm you if i see anything on my travel round net, as these stick out to me as was an idea we have thought of.

Bit more than you were budgeting for but eBuyer had this for £130 including delivery: ebuyer.com/pro…175

No way of telling how hard it is to change the top but if you want a multi-function table that's kind of inevitable...

check out millarcats post yesterda for a great games table

hope ive copied this right

Have a look on [url]www.cybercheckout.com[/url] they sell this sort of thing on there at discounted prices.

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