3 incheswater under floor boards, home insurance contacted, loss adjuster incoming

Posted 5th Jan 2016
Just an update to my previous post about finding water under my floor boards.

I have now contacted my insurance who are sending a loss adjuster round next week. This is my first home insurance claim, and they said they normally don't cover for High water tables (the cause of the problem) but with all the storms and High levels of rain we are having I may be covered. Does any one has any tips or pointers as to what I should or shouldn't say. They have sent me a table with a lost of things to claim for.

I am intending on claiming for new carpets(damp smell)

Full downstairs rewire, electrician is going to write me a quote stating the downstairs wiring has been damaged by water.

I am also going to get a quote from a builder to replace the joists etc
And I am also going to get a quote to install a sump pump.

Am I being realistic here or are they likely to tell me to **** off, I have never made an insurance claim of any sort before.

Oh, and will I be able to claim for "broken" electrical devices? My electric meter has those trip out things to protect electrical stuff, but can I still possibly claim, do they need to see evidence of said devices not working?

Thanks ppl
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