3 Mobile best roming deal (USA) ?

    Hi All,

    I am going to florida in 2 weeks with family and I'm wondering what the best deal is for contacting back to the UK and keeping in touch with the other half of the family also in the US (need 2 sims)

    I'm currently on EE, I popped into my local EE store and they explained that taking 2 x 30 day sims out with Three would be better than buying an add on with EE.

    if anyone has any experience with roaming i would greatly appreciate it if you could share.

    Thanks in advance for your help


    AFAIR you have to be with Three over 30 days to benefit from FellAtHome.


    AFAIR you have to be with Three over 30 days to benefit from FellAtHome.

    Pay monthly has 30day wait; but unless t&c have changed recently, 3 PAYG with an add-on instantly qualifies for FAH. So a PAYG 3 SIM with £20 credit used to subsequently buy the All-in-One20 will provide max roaming allowances of total 300mins to UK landlines&mobiles, 3000txts and 12GB data. £25 credit used to buy All-in-One25 increases the mins to 500. No local destinations included in the AIO allowances. As is (was?) common with US carriers, tethering was blocked but easy to circumvent on an Android handset by using the Foxfi app - just like a whole host of Americans do.

    i am currently in the us and using a 3 add on giving up to 12gb of data and minutes plus texts for £25 for a month. Where I am, there is practically no t mobile signal (three use t mobile in the usa) for voice and data and three only have 3g roaming outside the uk. so it has been completely a waste of time for me and i got a refund of 15 after the nightmare that is their 'offshore' support.
    If you have a 4g phone, t mobile would appear to be a sensible choice, at least IF you are in an area where there is a signal you will not get the completely rubbish edge signal (2g) i have got once in a blue moon.
    the other thing to remember is that free wifi is in loads of places and using facebook messaging/skype/whatsapp calls is realistic in a lot of situations.
    hope this helps....

    alternately lookup cricket wireless, simple mobile, and tracfone, who are us sim only or sim & payg phone co's that sell through supermarkets.

    A 3 payg will work as soon as you top it up. I've bought one the day before I go to the US and they've always worked. They can sometimes take a while to connect for the first time (like over 10 minutes), but they get there in the end.

    I've just come back from Orlando and we used two 3 PAYG sims, they worked fine for calls and texts. But neither of us could get data to work apart from the one day when we went out of Orlando to Kennedy and the data worked fine over there. It seems very network specific so depends what you want, but saved us a lot of money as vodafone would have charged us £5 per day each on our contracts if we'd used them.

    In the past we have bought US sims but they have become very expensive and as others have said signal can vary depending on the area. We gave up with them a few years ago and now just use wifi when we are out and separate like in malls most place have it or use free local calls when calling others we have went with staying in other villas. If we become separated a text though expensive compared to here is cheaper than buying something else. FaceTime or similar services for calling home. I have worked in the US and other places a lot and FaceTime is so convenient to use obviously if someone has it at this end, though sometimes it's easier to use FaceTime audio due to poor networks.
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    Used feel at home in Vegas and Cali last sept and it wasnt that great but still usable.

    I took out a 30 rolling contract a week prior to going to america for 2 months last August, didn't have any signal issues in the middle of the mojave, San Diego or Las Vegas.

    Not too sure on the call costs to US numbers but they are not included in the allowances. Theres always Whatsapp though, which shouldn't be an issue with the data, plus IIRC its £5 for 2gb of data if you do run short.

    Unless you need it for sat nav, they literally have WiFi everywhere in America. I went to la, Vegas and San Francisco. WiFi everywhere!
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