3 Mobile Broadband

    Anyone use 3 for their mobile broadband?

    Am looking to find out what the coverage is like, mainly in the Glasgow/Stirling area, but also down the West Coast Mainline (to Manchester/Leeds/Warrington), Stansted and Romford/Brentwood areas

    Have seen a reasonable deal (although it is for 24 months)

    Acer Aspire One - 1GB RAM 160GB HDD Atom processor running XP and 24 months 1GB BB allowance for £13-odd a month.

    Dont want to waste my time if the coverage is poor though!


    i use 3g - its ok -

    what i found though it didnt run too well on mozilla but i.e is so much better -

    i get 5gigs a month for £10.50 -

    Original Poster Banned

    so does no-one use 3 then!
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