3 Mobile Broadband - Advice required on changing price plan!!!

    Is anyone here signed up with 3's mobile broadband?

    The plans available when I signed up 6 months ago on an 18 month contract were:

    1Gb at £10p/m
    3Gb at £15p/m
    5Gb at £25p/m

    I went for the 3Gb which cost me £7.50p/m as I get 50% discount as an existing 3 mobile user.

    If you look at the 3 website now, mobile broadband plans available under a 18 month contract are:

    1Gb at £10p/m
    5Gb at £15p/m
    15Gb at £30p/m

    Basically, any current 3 mobile customers signing up for broadband would get 5Gb for £7.50 instead of 3Gb. I was aware that I couldn't downgrade to a lower price plan within the 18 months, so I phoned up to 'upgrade' to the 5Gb. They told me I could only upgrade to a plan of greater value which meant 7Gb (available to new customers on 12 months sub) or 15Gb. As far as I'm concerned, the upgrade available to me when I signed up was 5Gb, and if it is a plan currently available to new subscribers, why are they not allowing me to switch over to it?

    I suppose the issue here is whether switching to a plan of equivalent value constitutes an upgrade or an downgrade. I would say by doing so I'm getting more allowance for the same price so essentially it is an upgrade!

    Any thoughts on this?

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