3 Mobile Broadband - Advise Please

    Hi guys

    Mum is wanted to use broadband on laptop at Caravan during the summer. I got one of the E160 O2 Modems from on here but connection is a bit flaky so looking at getting a Three/3 sim to go in here - I have flashed the modem with the Mobile Partner software already and I believe that the E160's from o2 were already unlocked?

    Have seen a few people on ebay selling the Sims etc but am a bit confused as according to 3 the Broadband is £10/1gb (30 days) yet some people are offering Unlimited (2gb fair allowance) for £5 per month.

    If I am correct I'm guessing that's a internet allowance for a mobile phone and you can just slap the sim in the dongle.

    Can anyone confirm this is the case? and if so I also believe you need a 3 mobile phone to set this up (my missus has one) - again if so is this easy to do? and would it be required to use the phone each time they wanted to top up?




    I would think the £5 per month 2gb is intended for phone use only. It will probably work in the dongle but 3 will more than likely block it for using it in a dongle and not just mobile use. You might just be better to go for the £7.50 p/month 1gb allowance for mobile broadband. Plus you could get £23 cash back if ordered via Quidco.

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    The £5 a month phone sim works fine in a dongle ive been doing it for months make sure you get a phone sim, the mobile broadband sims yo cant add the £5 unlimited internet package.…ils
    You dont need a 3 phone to set it up, just go to and you can add the £5 package there, aslong as its a mobile sim.

    Oh and you can also topup at my3 or activate vouchers there
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