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    I bought the mobile b/band starter kit and have followed the instructions (plug in and away you go!!) but it keeps showing as 'no network' so I can't connect.
    I have rang cs twice, both times being on the phone for an hour and ended up sending the dongle back to them. They have since returned it to me saying that they couldn't find a fault with it. They have also checked my area for network coverage and this seems to be ok too.
    I have tried the help and support pages on their site, and have tried their suggestions but still 'no network'.
    Has anyone else had this problem or can anyone offer any advice please?



    which modem is it?

    do you get the dashboard up?

    go in to your local 3 shop (usually one in superdrug). Take the dongle with you, ask if they are aware of any network upgrade issues. Try one of their demo laptops, then ask if they would try your modem on one of their lappy's.
    Try the SIM in a 3 compatible handset and see if you can use the mobile web off the handset (you won't be charged for using the BB sim in a phone).
    I'm on 3 and did have problems for 2-3 weeks but they did give me 2 months free (off their own back) as they were upgrading their network.
    also try the dongle in a different area.

    I had this same issue on day one of owning a Huwei white 160 or 169 i can't remember the model.

    I had ordered two using the quidco deal and one modem worked perfectly, the other no matter which sim was inside it would show "No network".

    I spent ages looking on the net for answers and apparently the Huwei's are a bit pants and you can get duff ones, I called CS who wanted to repair it but as I had only had it for one day and it never worked I was adament I wanted a replacement - i had to really argue for it and in the end the only way I could do it was to cancel that contract and send it back as faulty and take out a new one to have a new modem sent out to me.

    I think you have a duff modem and if you still can I advise cancelling it and try get it returned to place of purchase as faulty if all else fails try phoning the broadband sales line as opposed to the CS line.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks everyone :thumbsup:
    The modem is a Huawei E160G :x
    I have just rang CS again... gone through the whole "troubleshooting" business again and am just waiting for a call back now to see what his manager can suggest!!!!
    I have had enough! They say they wont give me a full refund as I bought it from a third party and it's been longer than 2 weeks or something like that, so I've asked for a replacement - hopefully it will get sorted today.
    Thanks again for your help :-D

    Can you get a signal on a "3" phone where you are?

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    Can you get a signal on a "3" phone where you are?

    I'm not sure - I don't have a 3 phone.

    CS rang me back, it has now been passed onto their 'network' team and I should hear from them in the next 72 hours!!!!
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