3 mobile now offers native wi-fi calling on iPhone

    If you're on the 3 network you may have noticed a recent carrier update in the last few days. The good news is this has now made native wi-if calling available on the iPhone, you simply need to turn on the settings here: Settings > Phone > Wi-fi Calling (on/off). Once activated you'll be able to make and receive calls even if the signal drops as long as your on wi-if.

    Thought it might help those who didn't know. Also more info here:…ne/


    The wife's has this now, but I'm on 10.3 beta 27.5.1 carrier fw and it's not available yet

    Not available for me either..

    Go to about on settings and a notification should pop up

    Not on mine yet.

    is this iPhone only or Android too?

    Go to settings => general => about, and a carrier settings update box should pop up

    Now available on 10.3 beta 2
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