3 mobile phones

    hi everyone - i'm hoping someone here can direct me to a VERY good deal on 3 mobiles - 2 are for my children and 1 for my hubby - i hoped that i could get some network that was cheap for moile to moble calls if they were all the same. The phones need to be petty basic - no real need for camera/wap/fm/mp3etc. Would pobably prefer for hubbys to be slightly more sophisticated but nothing too expensive - different colours/cases is necessary to avoid confusion though - thanks in advance for any help


    Go to as they have great cash back deals. I have purchased phones from them before and also highly recommend them.

    If you do decied to purchase one from them let me know so I can recommend you as a friend.:santa:

    if you go on vodafone for £5 a month they give unlimited calls between all the phones (max of 4) if you want unlimited calls between 6 phones you have to pay £7.

    Check out :…ily

    I am looking at 02 at the moment for a now contract and phone. my son and partner are already with them and if i read it right ifor the lowest tariff which would be £15 a month i can have 200 mins calls plus unllimited calls to 02 users which would be great as i speak to partner the most.
    I doubt i would even use 200 for other calls so would probably use it abit more instead of the house phone.
    I know some of their phones are basic and they have a good ranage.
    Good luck
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