3 mobile upgrade--best phone to sell?

    I'm due to get an upgrade tomorrow, and happy with my the n95 8gb is too expensive..
    Which is the best phone to upgrade then sell, 6500 slide or k850i.
    Any phone experts out there? Can you help?
    Thanks for looking.



    K850i should get you around £20 more in my opinion. Depends where you sell it though. I think you could get around £150 for a k850i

    Ive been struggling to sell a 6500 slide on ebay for idiots spoiling auctions, noticed they are only going for around £120 not sure about the K850i but prob more than £120 id expect........

    I actually cancelled my 3 contract and bought the new £25 500 mins unlimited text package to get the £47.50 quidco and recommend a friend money (my sister is on 3 too)

    Have you considered if that would work out for u better? bearing in mind that tariff is a 12 month job

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    thought all contracts on 3 were now 18m?

    i have no problem cancelling, what are you thinking of with the 12m contract?

    I understand now..but i dont text

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    but 18 x 15, is better than 12 x 25 ?

    why dont you ring 3 and ask them to renew your contract but tell them you dont want a new phone if the dont offer you anything good tell them you want your pac code as you are leaving they may offer you a good deal to stay ... last year i got 500 mins and 100 txts for £13.63 a year ... yes for the whole YEAR... this year they didnt offer me anything so i just left them

    good luck anyway

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    thanks...i have..and got the pac code...that did annoy them.I'm.waiting for them to give me a killer deal, but they would not offer me a phone without a phone this year...hence the thread..


    jase..but 18 x 15, is better than 12 x 25 ?

    Not if you take the £47.50 quidco and £30 recommend a friend cash into account, gives you £222 for the year v £270 for the 18 x 15 + you aint in another 18 month contract.....

    Anyway just a thought :thumbsup:

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    18 x 15 = 270
    - quidco 32.50
    - raf x2 = 60
    = less than £10 per month
    not including the sale of the 6500 slide !!!!!!


    jase.18 x 15 = 270 - quidco 32.50 - raf x2 = 60= less than £10 per … jase.18 x 15 = 270 - quidco 32.50 - raf x2 = 60= less than £10 per monthnot including the sale of the 6500 slide !!!!!!

    Sorry i thought you were talking about upgrading on that tariff , id consider tho if ur N73 will last another 18 months as mine had the centre "joystick" thingy fall off just around the 18 month point, you might get away with it for another 12 months then get a new phone to replace
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