3 Months Audible Membership for 99p Questions & Concerns?

Posted 1st JulEdited by:"lettherebedeals"
Hi All, as anyone signed up for the 3-months Audible Membership for PRIME members for 99p, I signed up last night purchased an audio book for 99p and my membership began, but today I have discovered as I check my account settings it highlights the next payment is due on the 30th July 2020 which is NOT what the offer claims, apparently by signing up for this offer you get a book for 99p, then months 2 & 3 for FREE and then £7.99 a month thereafter...

This concerns me so I have cancelled as Audible Membership is not what I thought it was anyhow, it seems you still have to pay for books.

I am not sure if this was a mistake on Amazon part but the offer is still showing get 3 months for 99p, but then when you click that it reverts to a standard 30 day trail and one book for 99p... I cant be bothered to contact Amazon so I have just cancelled, but it may be beneficial for others to know this and to see if you have signed up for this if any payments have been taken out of your account... for example: I signed up last night... paid 99p, that means in August I should be charged £0.00 and September £0.00 but according to account settings & subscriptions it clearly states the next payments of £7.99 is due on 30th July 2020 and in theory it should read your next payment is due on the 30th October 2020.

Anyone noticed this? check your accounts please as this may be be working as Amazon Intended. Thanks.

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As you have the offer then i personally would have contacted amazon, its quick and easy through their live chat. I dont have the offer so cant check.
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