3 network change to terms and conditions

i have just received a letter in the post today,advising 3 will as from 23 sept 2008,any call lasting 59 seconds or less including voicemail will be rounded up to a minute.

now this is a breach of contract?

can anyone pease verify this,and if it is can we leave the contract?

also i'm on 250mins 50 texts,since august 2007

i'm gonna call them up later on


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Changes to the way we bill you

From 23rd September 2008, any calls lasting 60 seconds or less will be rounded up to a minute. After the first minute, you’ll get charged for the rest of the call per second. There’s no change for calls made before 23rd September 2008.

· This means your first bill after the change may include calls rounded up to one minute and some calls (made before 23rd September) that aren't.

· The usage summary on your bill will show the rounded up number of minutes for that month.

Our price plans remain extremely competitive and we offer a host of extras, including free calls to Skype users anywhere in the world from your 3 mobile. You can also stay in control of your bills quickly and easily with My3. My3 is a free service that's available online and on your mobile. You can keep up-to-date with what you've spent this month, pay bills, see what price plan you're on, and much more.


This is the running thread with advice and peoples results, in short yes you should be able to cancel but you will need to contact the exec office or be willing to spend hours on phone to cust serv.

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cheers m8

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ok i have just managed to cancel a 18 month contract which i took out august 2007

Well done, there loads of good deals out there. Especially if you go Sim only.

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Well done, there loads of good deals out there. Especially if you go Sim … Well done, there loads of good deals out there. Especially if you go Sim only.

i also have just taken i new contract out in july 29 2008,can anyone verify if i'll be able to cancel this one,though i spoke to three and they said it was not cancelable coz it's taken after oct 2007.

but i dont seem to find the per minute billing on this

although per minute billing is to start in sept

so is this a breach or what?

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so should it not be displayed clearly changes to the new contract so the public can see,or is this a trick
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