3 network have stopped using orange - now i have bad signal!

i've been with 3 for a couple of years and had no problems where i live.

I got home last night and suddenly had no signal. From contacting them it turns out they used to use orange as a back up network when 3 was weak but this was removed a couple of days ago.

Having just upgraded for another 12 months i'm waiting for the phone call telling me what they are going to offer me!?!?

Anyone else had problems? Do any other companies do micro sim's except 3????

Wondering how this can progress!




well what does your contract state? maybe in some small print they have amended your contract by doing this im not sure. worth looking into as you would probably be entitled to cancel if so.

I have the same problem with Three and was using the Orange network but lost my signal on Tuesday. Call Three and tell them your problem, I am lucky only 1 montyh to go then leaving Three after 4 years.

if its not fit for purpose {bad or no signal} they will {but would have to anyway} end your contract if you wish with no charge as i did

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wonder if they will offer to cancel the contract?!?!? i've had no problems until now so a bit of a pain! Hope they let me keep my iphone!

oh dear!!!, i was thinking its my phone playing up!! had this prob a month back for 2 weeks. they said there is a work going on to improve the network. Then last week again its been playing up, recieved a txt from them saying there is a network upgrade going on. And today im having the same prob too!!! i still have 1 n half yr to go.!!!
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