3 Network Question

    Hi everyone!

    I have a bit of a question about 3.

    I kinda could have asked them, but I didn't think it would be an idea.

    My contract is up and they have offered me 500 Minutes and 100 Texts for free for 11 months and the final month will be £14 without upgrading my phone. Now THAT's a deal in my eyes!

    Anyway, I think I would be stupid not to take it. So I am soon to do that.


    I am also tempted to get the Nokia 6288 for £15 a month for life which gives me either 500 Minutes or something like 600 Texts and 75 Minutes.

    But I wouldn't need 2 contracts. So I would give one to one of my parents but still pay for the contract as I'm such a nice son!

    Neither my parents have a 3 phone. My Dad has a SIM Free Nokia 3300 and my mum has an unlocked Nokia 3310.

    My question is: would either of the SIM cards work in the non 3 phone?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!



    No, I don't think it would. You can pick up a 3 phone dead cheap from somewhere like Superdrug.
    I may have a Motorola C975 boxed etc, used but you can have if you pay the P&P. It's a brick, but your Parents may like it. Google it and let me know.


    Just to confirm that No they will not work in the handsets you mentioned 3310 and 3300.

    They will not be capable of handling the 3G Hutch Network.

    Hope that helped:thumbsup:
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