3 new WiFi radios coming soon

    OK, this might be not of interest for majority of people here. Anyway, if you're into hi-tech networking gadgets, this could be interesting for you.

    Maplin (can't find any other UK source) is going to bring the following 3 radios to market:…D=Y Revo Blik WiFi and FM radio.…jpg

    Wi-Fi internet radio - over 9,000 internet stations worldwide
    Access to 5,000 Podcasts
    Digital alarm clock with sleep and snooze features
    Socket to plug in MP3 player or iPod
    Wirelessly stream music from PC or Mac
    FM radio reception with RDS
    Large scrolling white-on-black LCD screen with icons
    Includes infrared remote control

    It'll cost 100 quid.…D=Y Revo Radiostation WiFi, DAB and FM radio.

    It looks pretty much the same as the one above. Spec is also similar but this one got DAB too.

    Price is 130 quid.

    And the last one is…D=Y Revo Pico WiFi radio…jpg

    With spec similar to Blik, it is much smaller, but comes at a price - 150 quid.

    All three radios are Reciva based. It seems that at least the Radiostation is based on Reciva's new Stingray module (integrated DAB, Internet and FM radio).


    Oh these look good Thanks for the info Kommunist. I like the 'look' of the first one above and the features of the second, but a little expensive.

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    Yes, it is a bit expensive, especially if you look at the other Reciva offering (BT Internet Radio, Bush TR2015WiFi, Logik IR100 to name just a few) but none of those can match it in terms of functionality. Anyway, Maplin's website still says "Comming soon" (yeah, they spell it with double 'm' :)). Will see what the actual price is going to be.

    Wow they are starting to look like better models, I am happy with my Aldi one and it is stereo which I think is few and far between in them. What I have done is to put a pair of Aldi laptop speakers into the back of it and the sound out of it is A1. No problems after the first exchange so fingers crossed it will last another year or so. The only problem I have with the Aldi one is the fact that the plug/transformer gets very hot and I do not leave it plugged in all the time, so not using it as a bedside radio, which was the aim of getting it.

    Shame I couldn't give you some heat for that :thumbsup:

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    No worries, and thanks for rep!

    As to radios, it seems that this market is starting to mature, which is good. Even Roberts did their version of Sangean radio:

    Which of course comes at a price - 200 quid. But that's what I'd expect from JL anyway

    A lot of companies are already taking advance orders on the Revo Pico, including Amazon, AQDAB, Firebox etc.

    Still all at around £150 (or more) though!

    However if I was paying that sort of money I think I would go for the Tangent Quattro for just a bit more!

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    Isn't Tangent Quattro the same as Revo Radiostation? Same chipset anyway.

    Hmm... Interesting - Maplin deleted Radiostation from their website!

    But surely to benefit you'd need wireless internet access, which is find if your indoors, but then you can just use a laptop/pc for music......

    Are there really enough open networks for this to be a benefit?

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    There are some open networks, like in McDonalds and airports. But this device is intended for use at home.
    As to laptop, yes you can use it, but then there is a such thing as WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)
    With these radios all you need to do is to turn it on and select station. No PC needed to be on.
    Also, it can browse your MP3 collection if stored somewhere within your network, regardless whether this is on PC or LAN disk (file server).

    Hehe WAF is a very secure encryption service once activated.

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    Hehe WAF is a very secure encryption service once activated.

    Especially when access to finances needed :-D


    Isn't Tangent Quattro the same as Revo Radiostation? Same chipset … Isn't Tangent Quattro the same as Revo Radiostation? Same chipset anyway.Hmm... Interesting - Maplin deleted Radiostation from their website!

    Yes... as has been mentioned already, quite a few manufacturers utilise the Reciva chipset/technology, and for anyone who is interested in this topic their website ([url][/url]) is well worth a look.

    As the prices do seem to vary a bit, and of course as older models are superceeded, there are still presumably some aspects (such as the actual quality of the audio output) which makes some brands more desirable than others.

    As an example, 'What Hi-Fi magazine' recently gave the Tangent Quattro a 5 star review, so they presumably considered that it had something a little bit extra to offer over other similar models
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