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hi am due an upgrade and was offered the sony ericsson c902 for £19 a month on the direct video,talk and text 500.does anybody think i would be able to get it any cheaper as i have been with them for 3 years.


Hi I have just upgraded to that phone and i got Free Phone and Video 500 for £15, nice phone!!!

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thats what im wrangling for so now that i know somebody else has got it ill keep trying,just out of interest how much of your contracty did you have left or did you ring to leave?
cheers damo

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tried getting again today for £15/month and supposedly they dont offer the c902 for that amount.
only just eligible for upgrade so will prob have to wait nearer to the contract end date.

I'm coming up to the end of my contract so I thought I would speak to them about a upgrade.. All I was offered was the same deals as on their website with but only with the basic phones.. I told them I would just run out the contract.. Perhaps the real good deals come when you deal with cancellations...

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my contract expires on the 10th november but received a text message saying i was eligible for an upgrade.wasnt offered the c902 originally but told them i wanted it and that i wanted to pay less than £25/month.might be worth ringing up with what you want and see what they offer.have you received a message yet saying you are eligable for upgrade?

Yeah received the txt... I think I'll go done the cancelation route.. I'm on the 300min and 1000 txt for £17-50 (half price)at the moment and would be happy to stay on that but in October it rises to £35.... I am able to roam on the o2 and orange networks for 2g coverage which suits me as I can't get orange at home and o2 at work..I can't receive any 3g.. I've read somewhere that as soon as you upgrade thay take the o2 roaming away... My contract finishes in October..

Hi i went into the 3 store to do it, got a good chap there who trawled throught the system, found the offer had to phone them to get it confirmed, got it!! I have 2 months left on my previous contract.

Hi my friend got a contract with 3 phone with free laptop but laptop not working properly they have replaced the laptop 3 times but she is not getting on internet at all
how can she get ut of contract??? please help???
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