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I am seriously interested in 3's online offer of 1100 minutes or texts offer for £20 a month (£7 less than normal) with various phones.
Granted - they are not the fanciest phones but personally, I'm not bothered. What attracts me is the minutes for your money as with my hubby working nightshift away from home, we are clocking up the minutes per month far too easily!!

What's really puzzling me though is their supposed 14 day guarantee for customers new to 3, that if you're not happy with 3 network you can return the phone and any extras and get your money back but then it goes on to say that it is only if you haven't used it.

Pardon me for being thick but how the heck are you supposed to know if the 3 network and/or the phone you get is ok if you don't use the thing.

From past experience O2 and Vodafone have a similar scheme but you can obviously use your phone. Hubby has had a couple of upgrades before where he could use his phone for a week or two and if it didn't suit, then he could send it back.

Here's the text of the policy. Would appreciate your thoughts.

Returns Policy
If you're new to 3 Pay Monthly and for some reason decide we're not the network for you,you can return your mobile and get your money back. However, this can only happen if you've not yet used it. (ie turned it on and inserted the USIM) and you haven't already transferred your mobile number to 3. To get your refund, you need to return your mobile, any free accessories that came with it and all the paperwork in 'as sold'and 'unused' condition. Put all of these in the original box, along with your proof of purchase, and take them to the retailer you bought the mobile from within 14 days of the date shown on the receipt. If you didn't buy your mobile in a store, follow the retailer's instructions for return or contact them to arrange return. You need to make sure you've complied with other relevant conditions that were communicated to you when you bought your mobile and those in the Terms for 3 Services (you can see the latest version of The Small Print at three.co.uk)
The 14-Day Money Back Guarantee doesn't apply:
If you've already activated and personalised your mobile by putting in a SIM card and turning it on
If you've chosen to transfer your mobile number to 3 in the first 14 days of having your mobile
If you're an existing Pay Monthly user and you've chosen to upgrade your mobile (where allowed by 3)
If you're a Pay As You Go user.


If you are after texts more, orange do 100 mins and unlimited texts for £15/month, plus a free nokia 6500 classic.

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Thanks but texts are not for us - I hardly ever use them and himself drives a 48 ton HGV so he needs to keep his hands on the steering wheel LOL

3 network isn't the best around..have heard many people complain about loss of signal a lot and dropped calls.

Have a wee look on moneysupermarket.com/Mob…spx for price comparison and latest mobile phone offers etc.



3 network isn't the best around..have heard many people complain about … 3 network isn't the best around..have heard many people complain about loss of signal a lot and dropped calls.Have a wee look on http://www.moneysupermarket.com/MobilePhones/default.aspx for price comparison and latest mobile phone offers etc.

Network is fine, better than Virgin and O2 etc in my experience. Think they have 99% coverage now and it is much better than what it used to be.

Customer services however are awful

im sure there are tariffs with free or reduced calls to certain numbers? dont o2 do it?
or a contract o2 1200 minutes £15 a month

With o2 payg for £10 I get 1000 minutes/text to my 10 favourite o2 numbers (so you could set hubby up as one with payg) 500 minutes to landlines/o2 numbers from your own postcode area (mine works upto about 3 miles away) plus im still left with some credit from that £10 too to use as i like. Couple this with the fact I buy my top-ups from a guy on ebay and I get 2 x £10 ones for £15 means the monthly cost is £7.50 per phone per month. I think this would be hard to beat even on a contract phone.

Of course with a contract you get a fancy new phone for "free" which is actually figured into the tariff so is not really free! Most HGV drivers I know would not want a fancy phone though just one that does the job.

I am with three and I hate them. The Skype Phone has a terible battery life. When I asked in store for help they were totally rude and un helpful. I want to leave the contract but I am stuck with them. I find reception awful also. I never post in forums but feel this strongly. Three are very poor indeed, just avoid them please!!

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Thanks louloo. I'll check this out

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Many thanks harltzer. I can't find the deal you have on the o2 site but they do have a very interesting pay monthly SIM only deal called Simplicity Online 15. 200 anywhere, anytime minutes, 400 texts and unlimited O2 to O2 calls. Then all I need to do is put an O2 chip in hubby's old phone and bingo!
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