3 Quick DS casing question

My son's DS top screen is floppy and it won't stand at an angle that suits his play game, it just goes flat. If I change the casing would it solve this problem? If so where is the cheapest place to buy a good quality one? If not what can be done about it?

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ds lites have a soft spot on the hinges and yes replacing it would solve the problem as the "power arm" is only on 1 side (the right i think) go to [url]www.dealextreme.com[/url] and type ds lite replacement housing i bought mine for £9 and it arrived in 7 days took 30-40 mins to do (as i have done it before) and i think they actually provide the tri-wing screw driver

also if your not sure on fitting the new case i will refit it free of charge if you can pay postage costs both ways

was a tricky job to do but not unacheiveable lol and there is a vid on how to do it on youtube, the cases off deal extreme are brill strudly and come in loads of great colours for the kids!

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Excellent thank you for the offer and the info. Will see how it goes, hopefully wont need to take it up! :thumbsup:

that link should give you some advice about this, i was going to try it and am not too cack handed but decided to stay away as not as simple as it seems.

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thanks! given u some rep!
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