3 Retention Deals???


    I'm due for an upgrade in 2 weeks time- the actual contract is to end in september. i have currently been on the mix and match 300 price plan paying £10 a month. I was wandering if anyone else has just upgraded with 3 and what deal they have received.



    Same as above :roll:

    Called them last month to give my notice at the end of contract & was offered a good upgrade deal & I agreed.
    Few days later got a letter with a totally different price plan !! :x
    (a sim only deal available online for new customers!), so I called them again & again but they kept saying that this was my upgrade deal ...... eventually escalated to a manager who said that there is no record of the call that gave me the upgrade deal :?
    So I asked for my pac code & cancelled my account straight away.

    Three's upgrade used to be good but it's sh!t now

    Get better deals from O2 or Vodafone.


    Go to [url][/url]
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