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2 boy cats we want to get a girl cat Any ideas on helping making the moving in of girl cat easier
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Wish you luck , if your first two cats are settled though personally I wouldn't do it . We had a male and female cat that were 12 months apart in age and very happy together . When we got our second female a few years later to join them , none of them were happy . Oldest female started having anxiety issues ( yep it's a real cat thing ) which for her included lots of urinary tract infections. Unrelated the male became diabetic and that meant feeding all three cats in different places because they were on different diets ( kitten , normal cat, diabetic) . New cat was vey Independant , didnt like our existing cats and wanted to be by herself most of the time . For us it wasn't a great move to be honest .

The only things I can suggest are making sure that you have enough litter trays , don't expect them to be happy sharing with the new arrival . Stock up on feliway plug ins to minimalize the stress levels . Prepare for your existing cats personalities to change .

Ours eventually came to tolerate the new arrival , but it was always my first two cats together and the 'interloper' . Many years down the line we now only have the new cat , her personality totally changed when she became the sole house cat . She's more loving , friendly and not so aggressive , although age would also have something to do with the changes . We didn't add to our cat clan , as we could see that she was so much happier being the only cat in the house.
Get a kitten. They will be more tolerant of a kitten and the friendship will build. The female will be subservient.
Don't get an adult - if you do they will all assume dominance, that's even the trouble starts. A kitten will be tolerated better and integrate easier.
Why do you want to get female cat? Make sure you get her fixed so not get pregnant.

Think kitten idea is best if you get one
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