3 sim in o2 dongle

    I've got a couple of free 3sims and I don't know if I can use this in a mobile broadband dongle I have from o2 (already unlocked) for using for internet.

    do I need to contact 3 and tell them the sim number and that I want to use it for internet only not for mobile phone?

    any help greatly appreciated


    think you will need 3 dongle software called "3 connect"…elp

    go to setting up dongle think it has the software on there

    think i used zte dongle drivers

    No,don't be contacting 3,they wouldn't allow a normal sim to be used in a modem,

    Just put it in your dongle and try setting up a new connection

    Ive got a 3 sim in an o2 dongle and it works fine

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    jase.2, is that an ordinary mobile phone sim you have? What I guess I want to know is, if I put £15 credit onto the sim will that all be used for internet?

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    got my o2 dongle, my 3 sim card and topped up £10 on it, I go into my o2 connection manager and I can see the 3 connection and it tells me I am connected but when I open up a web browser no page loads. Checking the settings and I have a Client IP address but the Server IP address is set to

    anyone else had this? I went into My3 page to make sure I was credited with £10 there and I was but its still only showing the free 150mb of internet allowance so I don't know if I can use that £10 credit for internet - like the £15 for 3gb per month deal.


    Have you bought a data bundle with the £10? Check in my 3 and see what you have left to use,

    Or check your firewall isn't stopping you browsing and also that you have got the correct settings for 3

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    anyone know what the correct settings for 3 are?

    haven't bought a data bundle for £10. It was a free top-up. It's only showing the free 150mb in My3

    When I used 3 in my dongle apn was but that was ages ago and I had a proper data sim,you had to convert credit to a data bundle,not sure how it works with a mobile sim but a quick glance at this thread says about putting it in a 3mobile to activate,

    Maybe if you read though it it will help with your issues,its all about using a phone sim a dongle…=27
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