3 / Three anyone having network problems in the London area?

    Has anyone been having issues with 3 / Three recently?

    I been having network issues since 17th of June. Can't get a decent signal indoors any more. Called three who said it would be fixed by the 20th, is wasn't fixed and now they said by the 1st. Bunch of cowboys me thinks.

    I am in the E6 1 post code area.




    Not sure if it's relevant but I have only been receiving one bar on my S4 for a while now when connected to 4G.

    I have knocked it back to 3G and now I have a full signal wherever I go.
    I was thinking about contacting 3 about this.
    If you have 4G switch it to 3 and see what happens.

    Took me a while and some messing about to work out what my issues was but it is resolved now.

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    hey mate, I think its a signal issue as my phone is only 3g. cheers for the advice though

    Hey there, I'm from Birmingham and I had the same issue when I was at University, however the area im in is restricted. They told me this a few days ago, I said to them, whats the point of unlimited data, so they reduced my contract by £9 less every month from now on, you could try maybe?

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    Just got a home booster box which has fixed my issue for the time being. They are rolling out a wifi based service from Aug with is similar to the other providers. Cheers for your tips so far
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    I'm getting this in West Yorkshire too... so probably a nationwide issue - might give them a call myself about this.
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