3 (Three) Mobile - Change of terms - Eligible for contract termination?

Found 20th Sep 2008

I've just got a letter through as follows:

Dear Sir.

Some Important Changes:
Over the coming months, we're introducing a couple of price changes that you need to know about. We thought it best to give you the details in one go, upfront. And we wanted to point out how you can save yourself some money over the next year. So lets start there...

Avoid extra costs with eBills:
For any itemised bill you recieve in the post after 20 October, there'll be a £1 charge. If you could do without extra bundles of paperword lying about and want to save a few trees and £12 a year, choose to get electronic bills - eBills - instead. eBills are abailable for free to all our customers who pay by Direct Debit. They give you a fill breakdown of charges just like the bills that come through your letterbox, which you can view on your mobile, or online. We simply send you a text message each month to let you know when your eBill is ready. Check it all out at three.co.uk/ebills.

A change to the way we charge calls:
Finally, we wanted to let you know that from 23 September, any call lasting 59 seconds or less (including voicemail) will be rounded up to a minute. After the first minute, you'll get charged for each second - and each second only. So make sure you get your minute's worth. If you've got any questions about this, your find the answers at three.co.uk/bil…ges.

Thanks for taking the time to read this through. We're as committed as ever to offering you the best value out there and we promise that, wherever we can, we'll always suggest ways you can avoid picking up extra costs and save a bit of cash.

Kind regards,

Allan McLuckie
Director of Customer Services, 3.
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Does this give grounds for a contract termination?

Does this give grounds for a contract termination?

Technically, yes. If it will mean a significantly higher bill for you, which it probably will.
Not sure why you got yours so late - I got mine a month before! Hmm. Favoritism! :w00t:

Anyhoo... You need to be disadvantaged for this to work. It definately disadvantages you by £12 a year - because you wanted a paper bill - right? And calls..... I know I personally make lots of calls that last a few seconds (Hate answerphones and often mis dial) So there definately is a case.

However, have you tried speaking to their CS in India? You might as well talk to a brick wall.

So yes, there is a case, but they will ignore you as they normally do on most other things.

If you want to take it forward, the only way would be to put it in writing. Bound to take some time though. I wish you well and even though there is a case (IMHO), its Three you are dealing with!

This is the thread from last time they issued these letters, whether you can cancel depends upon your tariff and its start date, anyone who took out a contract after 27th Oct was deemed ineligible to cancel as there was something in the T&C after that date.
I dont think anyone managed to cancel just on the itemised billing charge. On MSE a few people who renewed after the 27th are taking their case to Otelo but this requires a deadlock letter from three.
To contact three its best to avoid the call centre and go direct to threes executive office, try emailing them you should get a response within a few days, good luck. ( executive.office@three.co.uk)
Thanks for the advice kidkat and guv.

I've just calculated the costs for my last bill.

Used: 750.71 minutes.

Including 215 calls under 1 minute, making up 40.9 minutes of the total calls.

New terms mean I'd be charged for 924.81 minutes (An increase of 174.1). And an increase on 1 minute calls of 526% !

Meaning I'll be charged between £17.41 (10p per min) and £43.56 (25p per min) extra a month !!
Definitely get in touch with the exec office, I did they called me back and arranged to cancel for me, it was relatively easy, they then offerered me loads of deals to stay.
Give it a whirl bails let me know how it goes!
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