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Found 16th Nov 2008

Signed up for a contract with them in March, however since their rate change, whereby there terms and conditions have changed, they now charge for the entire minute, when going to answer phone.

I orignally bought the 1100 tariff when it was on offer so not to go over, as I spent about £20 a month on pay as you go. With quidco it worked out about £15.63

Am I entitled to cancel because of their terms and conditions change in July 2008 when I orignally signed up in March 2008?

I rang up and asked about this but the Indian call centre lady answered each of my responses with the same answer ,and telling me I have to pay £200 if I want to cancel (rest of contract).


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I think there is something where if they can no longer provide you with the service you signed up for then they have breached their terms of the agreement and you can cancel without penanlty

- but wouldn't know how it applies in this situation as i know this is more used in terms of moving location e.g. sky dont support isolated/remote areas - its not your fault your moving, its there problem that they do not cover that area.

does that make sense. as said don't quote me - just taking a guess you could pull the same one, or say your moving.

find out where they dont cover and give it as a new address! lol
I think you needed to act within 30 days of receiving the notice of change. At least it is for the other providers. Three are a law unto themselves though.
The call centres are given a standard scripted answer so getting anywhere with them is like playing keepy-upy with a lead balloon.

Best bet it contact 3-Sales during the day. First off check your terms and condition set out in your original contract, they will almost always have some ambiguous term that allows minor terms and condition changes as long as its not a material breach of contract.

If you do believe its a material breach of contract and can proove that has a financial impact then you may be able to cancel the contract but beware that they wont be forthcoming about this and will have some ace up their sleeve somewhere like having to return the phone in new or as new condition or make some charge somewhere for that.

If you believe that you have been affected financially then can always return the phone and sim, cancel the direct debit mandate and claim repudiation from the contract and state in writing why. Send it to some UK sales or complaints dept at 3 and send it special delivery (this will proove return.).

It will get long, drawn out and messy unless they relent to your influence and negotiating skills so be prepared to accept this should this be the path you take. They may of course keep sending you bills etc at which point you should wite a supplemental notice to your credit reference agency to be added to your record to state why you withdrew from the contract (if required).

also note that at the end of the day, 3 may refer it to the small claims court etc or you may have to do that to dispute the contract amounts owed so make sure you have all paperwork, returns info and clear justification as to why you are doing it.

If its something insignificant then my advice is not to bother and to see out the contract. Or enquire with three about selling the contract on to someone else to take over but also be aware that this may also have terms attached to it to enquire fully about it.

At the end of the day, if the financial impact isnt too significant then I wouldnt bother going to all the above hassle. you could be stubborn and just cancel the mandate and tell them where to go and see what happens.

Good luck anyways. I was with 3 for 3 and half years and it was nothing but a waste of time and money for me. :thumbsup:
YOu have to respond within 30 days of receiving the letter, there were a few threads a month or so ago about it, most people contacted the executive office either via post or email to cancel based on the detrimental change. If it is past 30 days theres nothing you can do.
What if I never recieved a letter? Which I didn't because I only get the bill. I've gotta have a word with Citizen's Advice this week some time.
Theres a full thread on MSE with loads of info may be worth you reading thru it. Theres bound to be someone else who had a similar problem.
Thanks for all the links guys.

I've decided to stick with it for the time being, its not really costing me a great deal, I'll get a letter written up this week to the executive office.
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