"3" to scrap 3 like home...

    Just had an SMS from "3" stating they are to scrap 3 like home and International Roaming Charges will apply from 30 June.

    Not sure if these are grounds to quit out of a contract if anyone's unhappy with them?



    odd... as the voda have done the opposite!

    oh poop, this was main reason me and my bro were with 3.

    Not received a text myself yet.

    Yeah I got this text from them a few days ago

    From 3 Website.

    Goodbye 3 Like Home

    If you're travelling to a destination with a 3 sister network before 30th June, why not take advantage of our 3 Like Home promotional offer? Please note that 3 Like Home won’t be available after 30th June, but new EU text and data roaming prices will be available from this date. These will include great rates for some of the most popular destinations for UK travellers. More information coming soon.


    I've not recieved this text but I'm not sure what '3 like home' is

    Not sure if these are grounds to quit out of a contract if anyone's … Not sure if these are grounds to quit out of a contract if anyone's unhappy with them?

    Why would you be unhappy with a price reduction :?

    I highlighted this in a few threads already

    although this evening after 2 hours on phone to 3 i have managed to cancel all my 4 contracts with 3 with no penalty, also have a template to write letter to 3 to cancel which is your right but be warned they will try everything to stop you cancelling hence my 2 hours on phone, although i did have 4 contracts to cancel, glad to be shot of them now.

    Under UK law notices of all breaches of contracts and termination/cancellation requests under such MUST be addressed to a companies Registered Office for legal reasons if you end up in court this is where you MUST have sent such notice to the other party of the contract, judge can take any other address as optional but Registered Office is not at judge option - judge is tied to "satisfactory notice as served", just need proof of it so Royal Mail Registered or Recorded Delivery or a courier - as long as signed for on delivery 3UK cannot dispute proper termination notice was never given.

    Chief Executive
    Hutchinson 3G UK Limited
    Star House
    20 Grenfell Road
    SL6 1EH

    It might be a busy delivery office in Maidenhead next week LOL !!!

    LOL looks like this moneysavingexpert AGAIN^ has come up trumps for all the MSE'rs, HOTUKDEALERS & general 3 customers alike…577

    Dearest 3 customers:

    3UK - "3 like home has ALWAYS been a promotion, our terms & conditions have ALWAYS stated such since the 2007 launch of the "promotional" 3 Like Home Service"

    Diamonds - "really ? because I can't recall those terms & conditions description's you on behalf of 3UK are stating until the terms were revised & uploaded to the three website in April 2009, I have 3UK T&C in front of me right now in a PDF file downloaded from [url][/url] last year when I was in dispute over the per 1st minute billing change to my contract in mid 2008 when 3UK refused to AGAIN for a second time under a detrimental change of T&C let me cancel as per both parties agreement of the said T&C, this is the third time 3UK has breached the T&C I am again being denied my right to cancel as 3UK have breached our T&C, can I have my PAC & ETF waived as per the T&C or are you going to continue denying me such in this recorded call"

    3UK - *silence*

    Diamonds - "shall I upload this PDF of our T&C to the internet so you may download them and check for a 3LikeHome "promotion" in the wording?"

    3UK - *silence*

    Diamonds -…csf
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