3 Warranty problem help required

3 Warranty problem help required
my OH bought a 3 ph in sept-upgrade, a nokia 6500 slide.
last week she noticed the button number 3 missing, she phoned customer services and sent it back.

3 replied on friday saying ''Sorry, your warranty doesn't cover the repairs''. saying the manufacturer informed them it has suffered from physical damage and this type of damage is outside the terms of warranty

besides this they have offered to repait it for £29.99. she phoned and complained but they told her its not covered.

she looks after the phone and the button fell off somewhere?

what can i do now?


Did the "3" button fall of? Off the keypad?


Did the "3" button fall of? Off the keypad?

you too sharp!

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yes it did

ohh right i thought THREE UK NETWORK button but the number 3 hmm......its a strange one i guess its physical damage as all the buttons are glued together, so if one came off all others will....she must of pulled it off

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no she didn't she said it was in her bag and when she took it out it was like that.
are all the buttons stuck together?

yeah there not individually assembled...(thats for the keypad that is)
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