£30 camera?

    Hi all,

    I'm after a digital camera for about £30, but will go up to £40. It's for my nine year old for Christmas so it has to be simple to use! I'm asking on here as basically I don't know where to look. Kelkoo is useless cos it just gives results like "Canon EOS £20 - £1700" - Yeah, great! I couldn't see anything posted recently on HUKD of around the price range I'm after. I'm near Ipswich if anyone feels like saying 'go to such'n'such shop'.

    Thanks for any help



    Welcome to HUKD Jawloms

    Check this thread

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    Thanks edi :thumbsup:

    That thread only really talks about the C433 which I can't find anywhere for the price given! Cheapest I found was about £65. I could of course just be looking in the wrong places! :oops:


    PC World instore have a few at around this price (£30)... they arn't the best camera but do the job. Can't remember the details however they should be instore.

    Hi i got my 8 yr old daughter one from AVON it takes and holds 250 pictures and only cost a tenner!! its really girly though so thumbs up for your daughter obv not for a 9 yr old lad lol


    I saw a black one in tescos tonight, their brand Techniq or whatever for £39.95

    Currys have this basic one for £29.99 delivered...…706

    Quality a little better than no or own brand items. No optical zoom.

    Saw this today in store at comet. 5 MP Camera with 4x DIGITAL zoom costs £39.99 ]here
    Not great but an ok price.

    Morgan have some factory refurbished HP cameras in on the cheap: they look a bit better than the currys one…268
    and the next one up…341

    If theres a store near you, then your laughing: if not, delivery tends to be a bit steep
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