30 day rolling contract with an iPhone

    Im coming to the end of my iphone 3gs contract with o2 so i know looking at a rolling contract. I just have a couple of questions.

    -How do i know if my phone is unlocked? Im thinking of going with tescos but i bought my phone from o2/

    -How much is 1gb of data? i know it sounds like a stupid question but i think i have unlimited with atm so im scared that 1gb isnt going to be enough.

    - whats the difference between a normal 30 day rolling contract and a 'iphone' one as companies seem to be showing that they are different things =/

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    Their is a page somewhere on the o2 site that you comeplete and then they will unlock your phone to accept other network simcards

    Most 30 day contracts that I have seen come with 500mb data and a few come with 1gb but you can add more on for an extra price. I was speaking to someone in the o2 shop and they said that 500mb of data is suitable for majority of users unless you plan on streaming loads of stuff via 3G then you will need more but if you only plan on browsing the net and checking ur emails and some 3G use then u will be fine

    Only difference I have noticed between the normal 30 day contracts and the iPhone specific ones is that the normal ones I don't think they include 3G data allowance
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