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30 Gitfts for 30th Birthday

Posted 12th Nov 2014
I want to get my wife 30 gifts for her 30th birthday but I'm finding it really hard to find ideas for what to buy and where to buy things from.

I want to keep the costs down, so under a £1 for each gift would be nice with a few gifts over the £1 limit. I also need to get the items delivered to my work address so something like eBay would be hard as I would be getting 30 deliveries.

Everything bought from say Amazon would be good as it would probably end up as one delivery if I group everything. Unless there's some store out that that has the option to buy 30 random gifts...

Any help/advice would be appreciated.
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Maltesers - size to suit budget - always appreciated - Nivea, Simple gift sets £3 or £4 on Amazon (should get 3 of those for the free postage £10 spend ) - that's a start
sounds like a trip to the poundshop for 30 bits of tat
Thirty peices of tat for my wife's birthday would go down a treat.
Lol a £1 each? You sure know how to treat a lady.
Jeeez! £1 was just a guide to keep costs down. If I buy 30 presents for £5 (for those that know how to treat a lady!) it's £150!

How the presents go down with the wife is not a matter for you to be concerned about. Not eveyone is the same and different people like different things... at the end of the day it's the thought that counts not how much you've spent. Oh and by the way I've already bought her two gifts that she wants... this was just an extra surprise for the day. But hey, what do I know about treating a lady!

rogparki - Thanks... I've got chocloate on the list and a few beauty products.

It's the thought that counts but may be buy a nice piece of jewellery for around £30 rather than 30 individual items that she may not need or use. It would sure take the pressure off you. I'm sure she will love whatever you decide to get her.
so what is your total budget taking all into consideration - it's her 30th after all, so you're better off doing this well, or forgetting about it!

You can make some of the small gifts practical, socks, gloves, a packet of tissues, lipsalve, (winter coming)
Saucy gifts - love dice, undies - la senza, ann summers, lovehoney usually do offers
A few sweet ones - guylian shells, ferrero rocheas come in small £1 packs
Couple of her fav films - can normally pick up cheap DVD's around
Sexist pressies - kitchen goods, rolling pin, spatula, egg-timer - just to keep her in her place (but work well as they're gifts and you can pick a few up on amazon or asda/tesco direct/matalan to collect in store?
Then make sure you do go for 1 or 2 bigger, nice pressies that dont necessarily have to break the bank - watch/earrings?

Have fun - I did it a few years back without the budget - done about £300!
I think it's a lovely idea! Wish I'd got something like that for my 30th!
This is such a lovely idea, make up items, book, cd/ music, you can get lovely quote cards also from the card shops. personalized mugs key rings would also be ideal. lucky lady.
I've already got her "main" gifts (jewellery). This was something extra... so I could give her a gift throught the day to keep her excited (she's not happy about turning 30).

deviouspaul - Some nice ideas there. Thank you.

chuckiedoll - Thank you
lol @ OP

you dont have the funds to do a worthwhile 30 gifts thing so wrap up 29 individual smarties and use the change from 30 to buy card and something decent
ive just done this for my best friend but hes a man but ill share ideas. i also wrote a message and number on each package so he could guess what was inside although he was soo hungover lol. 15 i had a kit kat with the message time for a break.

gifts i had and ideas

proper gifts
top, model car, engraved glass£5 - amazon.

amazon cheapy gifts
bouncy balls, blow up walking stick, slinky, table tennis set, lollipops ( "bet 30 sucks")

medium size gifts
coaster, balloon, mug, biscuits,

i think you get the idea

ladies gifts
bath bomb, mini toiletries from supermarket, choccies,
some links




add a lucky dip and scratchcard?
30 might be a bit of a push but I saw a present that was a box and inside were about 10 small pieces of paper each with a reason why the gift giver thought the gift receiver was fantastic. You could maybe put in things like what you love about her, memories you have together etc...
Poundland or 99p store?

however do not buy a rolling pin unless you want to be hit with it :P
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Just make a photo frame with 30 photos in or so ethi g and spend the £30 on one present that she will love instead of 30 presents she probably won't even want / use
Lovely idea,lots of thought put into it.
30 nice scented candles around the bath all lit ready for her coming in. You could add to it with anything you like such as a box of chocolates and bottle of wine so she can relax in the bath while you watch the footy downstairs with a crate of beer.
How about asking at your local beauty counter for free perfume samples etc perfect to pop in a handbag, you could make your own advent calender style gift with beauty bits and bobs. Also if she usually cooks you could do homemade vouchers which she can redeem where you cook... The possibilities are endless and personal to you both.
Have a look on Molton Brown they have sets full of smaller bottles. You could split them also l'ocitaine.

Lovely idea,lots of thought put into it.

Creative huh?
Lol only on hotdeals
Ignore the haters. My girlfriend got given this by her flatmate and she loved it (almost overshadowed the custom designed gameboy colour i made for her :P).

She recieved a variety of t-shirts, socks, underpants, postcards with cute designs (some of which had written notes on them), chocolates, some of her favourite foods (pasta and whatnot), some useful office stuff (salad tub, mousemat, cute stationary) and then one or two bigger items like a book, a dvd and a hot water bottle thing.

She also individually wrapped each item and wrote a little note on each one. Of the various undergarments, the sexy ones came with a note saying "more for 'moonkeh' than you". Gotta love her flatmate!

Get creative, set a budget, and remember most of the charm comes from how personalised it is. Get her stuff she likes, write stuff on it, make it funny.

And just in case, buy her one fancy present to be safe
Thanks for all the suggestions and advice guys. I've decided to take a stroll down the local high street and pick up items instead of ordering them from the Internet. Might make things easier.

I've added some of the suggestions to the list so hopefully it won't be too difficult.

Thanks again everyone!
I bet your wife would most probably prefer the £30 in a card, she can then spend it on someone worth while that she wants.

Even better, put £50 in the card...

To make it fun, you could give all in £1 coins. X)
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