30 MILLION POUNDS of unclaimed premium bond prizes

    There are now 30 million pounds in unclaimed premium bond prizes.

    This could be from people who haved moved house but never updated the information on their database, or people who have forgotten they even had premium bonds.

    Dig out your premium bonds and go to the web site and check if you are a winner.

    The prizes are never "lost" they are always kept so you can claim even if it was years ago.

    News article here…lss

    You can check if you are a winner here


    I found mine a couple of years ago - only £1 but had it for over 50 years - not a sausage. I must be lucky in love?


    i've had £100 for maybe 20 years now and nothing, x

    I've got £3k in my name (dads money tho) and i've won £150 in total

    Lisa-Marie A;4403806

    i've had £100 for maybe 20 years now and nothing, x

    Oh no - I just £100 in last month :-(

    i've had between £4k and £10k over the years - i preferred having a bit of a flutter every month rather than a boring set poor interest rate

    i win fairly regularly - got around £5.5k at the mo and win every few months or so


    Wheres your holders number|? I had some bought for me but moved house several times since then. Anyway I can find out?
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