30 Polo Shirts, not embroidered, various sizes & in three colours?

    Hi all! I'm trying to source a load of cheap polo shirts which I can later myself get embroidered up for a village cricket tour to Holland later this year.

    Quality isn't so important, as the tour is only 4 days long; cost is the issue here.

    We'll be needing a range of sizes, 16 in green or dark green, 3 in white for signing and framing, and 11 orange to be used as giveaways in competitions beforehand - say 30 in total.

    I've tried, but the best I can find is £3.06 inc VAT (plus £5 delivery) for 25-48 shirts from the imaginatively-titled; a grand total of £102.11 or £3.40 per shirt (delivered)

    Can anyone help me do any better?



    I have some new Polo shirts to fit only up to age 8 though : Plain colours Light & Dark Green White & Orange ..
    Please PM if interested or want exact colours / quantities / prices.

    Try Matalan because a couple years ago we took two football teams to France, under 12s and under 13s, and we explained to the manager what it was for and he gave us a discount and the polos came in at about £1.50 each but we had to get them embroidered. We probably got lucky but worth a try.…php

    This is not the eaxct colours you wanted and dont know about sizes but these seem pretty cheap to me.
    Hope this helps.

    Try shops like Store 21,Peacocks,Matalan,Primark,QS these are the sort of places you could pick them up for £1.99 each.

    how much are you looking to spend with the embrodry included?

    please give me a price I may be able to help you. I specialise in cricket clothes for clubs
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