300, Apocalypto and Casino Royale

How would you order the films listed?

Random topic, I know. I re-watched all 3 of the last couple of days and I'm now curious to know how others on 'ere rate the films.

300 - 8.0/10 (144,204 votes)
Apocalypto - 7.9/10 (41,740 votes)
Casino Royale - 8.0/10 (95,471 votes)

For me...

1: Apocalypto
This movie isn't something you see every day. It pulled no punches from start to finish, never being afraid to shock the viewer. I loved the story and direction, my only minor disappointment being the last 30 minutes when the main character turned into a lesser version of Rambo.

2: Casino Royale
I never rated James Bond movies before this, they all lacked depth and the previous Bond (Pierce Brosnan) had zero believability. Casino Royale fixed all my problems with the Bond franchise in one go and become one of my favourite films in the process. The Bourne Predictability doesn't even compare.

3: 300
A movie for men if there ever was one. The action sequences are just plain awesome in 300 from start to finish. I imagine people will still be making 'This is Sparta!!!!' jokes for many years to come.


It's hard to put them in order. Both Apocalypto and especially 300 were total letdowns, Whilst Casino Royale was actually a pleasant surprise.

I'll be giving 300 and Apocalypto a second viewing soon, maybe I wasn't in the right mood!?!


I couldn't watch all of apocalypto because I'm a girly girl and get upset easily :lol: Haven't seen 300, but love casino royale- Daniel Craig is the hottest Bond yet, and brought out an edgyness to the character I thought.

1. 300
2. Apocalypto
3. Casino Royal

ive got casino royale and apocalypto on bluray and i cant wait to get 300

300 - although disappointed with the ending, awesome film to watch on the big screen. have watched a few times
Apocalypto - Again disappointed a little with the ending, great to watch on the big screen
Casino Royale - Best chase scene i've seen, great demonstration of parkour, good film too, but there's just something about the guy who played bond that i just don't like. i kinda have a thing against bond films in general anyway

Casino Royale is one of the best action films i've ever seen
300 was a good laugh and there were some great adrenaline scenes
Apocalypto- watched it two months ago and don't remember a thing about it.

1) 300
2) Casino Royale
3) Apocalypto
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