300 Clubcard Points Free When Your Register with Tesco Photo

    Can't find the original post, has anyone received there points yet?


    Not yet but then i only registered Saturday night and i dont think they will work that quick, if you ring they will say give it so many days to go on. Not sure though

    yep old news

    Original Poster

    On the original post i think it said points will be credited on the 17th which is of course today, Thanks anyway miffy...

    Yeah, I remember the orig post saying it would be credited today...not got mine yet though...

    I had a look and nothing either!!!

    I still havent got mine, has anyone else yet?????

    Havent got mine yet either checked at bout 5:30

    Haven't got mine either

    Mine have been added I think

    Just had a reply to my e-mail to tesco customer services which says that there has been a delay in adding the points, but the points will be added in time for the may clubcard mailing.

    Original Poster

    Still not got mine:x

    phoned CS and bugged them about points .the lass put them on for me manualy and said if the photo club added them at some point no problem

    Still nothing for me...just emailed them to ask about it today.
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