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    Hi i need my football clubs logo image changed to 300dpi. Does anyone on here have photoshop or can suggest a way i can do this, it's currently 72dpi. I am looking at getting my imagine printed on our tops but unless i can get it changed to 300dpi then they will charge me a setup fee. I can email my image if there is anyone kind enough to do this for me.


    DPI is the image resolution do you mean you want the size (length/width) changed? If DPI the you'll need to rescan it at 300DPI.

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    This is what it says on the website "If you are uploading your own artwork, your image must be over 300 DPI, If your image is smaller than this, there will be a £20.00 set up fee to redraw your artwork"

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    Free tool online

    seems to work

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    Free tool online to work

    Cheers m8 this has worked thank you, i couldn't find a free online tool anywhere.

    converting the dpi won't improve the image quality, it will still be a 72dpi image being displayed at 300dpi. They want a minimum dpi to ensure the quality is good enough to print. If you want a professional job, I'd pay £20 to have the image redrawn

    whats wrong with keeping it embroidered? wont fade/peel that way

    if you have the logo as 72dpi that sounds like its set for screen display - what is the actual resolution though?
    dpi is meaningless by itself really and shouldn't even be asked for - it can be 72dpi but if its high resolution then they would have to do absolutely nothing to it
    depends on resolution of the image and the intended print size

    edit: if the picture above is your actual file then pay to get it redone as a photo of a crinkled top isn't a great reference
    edit2: why is 'white-hart' hyphenated?

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    Ive no idea why its hyphenated tbh, but this is our sponsor for the next couple of years. We are originally called just corby locos fc, so for the purpose of training tops we can have a badge on them with just corby locos fc. This is what our badge looked like previously as our club colours are orange and blac.][img][/url]free image host[/img].

    300 DPI means the image needs to be 300 pixels wide for every inch wide it is in reality, and the same for height.

    The one you linked is 3840 pixels high and 2160 pixels wide so that's acceptable for any size up to 12.8" wide or 7.2" high.

    Although that would be printing the whole image including the cloth background. If you just want the logo printed then you'll either need a plain image like your second one or pay the £20 for them to redraw it.

    use paint in windows

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    Thing is these are just warm up tops pre game and training tops midweek, just a extra bit for the lads. The kits and tracky tops are embroidered in the 1st image i posted. My current supplier who has the image on file can't match the price i can get them off the internet for, though he has seen the price ive been quoted and i guess i am just waiting to see if he can match this. The quotes are £40 apart, and in amateur club footy terms that's a fair bit. The size of the badge is just a standard size badge you would see on any footy top in the street.
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