£300 for a XZ1 Compact Worth Keeping or return

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Serious question?
rev619 m ago

Serious question?

Yes, been paranoid since it came how it did I know its a phone but the amount of pc's and laptops in the past (especially pc's) that have gotten damaged from poor handling and packaging in my experience makes me feel this way, again i realise its a phone but still.
Have you used it? Try it. See if everything is ok. Then decide
You've presumably still got the full warranty cover and after sales service from amazon if it does break down so I'd be inclined to keep it at that price.
Go over it with a fine tooth comb, particularly, check the focusing and image quality of the camera, as that's about the only part that moves. also, push it like hell with a game or test program to ensure that thermal contact has not been disrupted.
If it's one with 4k video recording, I believe that may be limited by overheating even if 100% ok
With a discount that big I'd keep it for sure.

You can return it even after it's been used (I know this for a fact as I've returned stuff that's been opened within their 30 days return window).
Take a few days to test it and remember you can return it if it turns out faulty.
I assume it if suffered any damage in transit it would be clear in 30 days.
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