£300 LCD TV

    Right I need a new TV

    I have decided on an LCD because they generally seem better for the money you pay.

    I would like a 1080p for gaming but have set myself a budget of £300.

    Around the 32'' size is ideal but I really want a good one with good specs and will last for 5 years...


    How about this it's 32" and 1080p for £329.99…htm

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    hi can anyone explain to me what brightness/contrast ratio/resolution/response time i should be going for?

    In general I always thought the higher the better, and obviously these are more expensive....

    However what is the norm for a 32'' 1080p LCD vs a 32'' 1080p plasma?

    Some have 50:000 - 1 contrast ratio others only 15:000 : 1--- etc

    plasma generally starts from large sizes such as 42" and above (tho panasonic do a great 37" and LG once did a 32")

    if you're going for a 32" it'll be an LCD.

    1080p great if you have a PS3, blu ray or are using it with a PC.
    otherwise, no immediate benefits.

    response time-the lower the number the better. 5Ms or less if poss.
    in theory, contract ratio, the higher the better, however theres no set way for defining contrast ratio so don't base your entire purchase on it.

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    do you know what the great panasonic 37'' plasma was and the cost?

    if anyone can recommend a good tv similar to my specs --- not just cheap but good too...i have a bluray drives and xbox 360
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