300 pound Warmfront Voucher towards a new boiler for the over 60s

    With immediate effect there are no more 300 vouchers being issued by the government. Another back door saving while we send millions overseas


    This government are a joke!

    You lot voted them in,What you expect?

    expect more of the same to come

    Most important thing with boilers and heating engineers is shopping about.

    No more free money for all??? where are labour when you need them

    Money still needs to be saved

    Take it from the most vulnerable in our society.

    Remember Cameron came up with this big society idea...yea right.
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    Save yourself the 300 by shopping around for a better deal from a good independant. The only good politician is a dead politician whatever their party !

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    The point of this grant was that you could use whover you wanted to fit the boiler provided they were gas safe. It was also available to ALL who were NOT on benefits (so people that had paid tax all thier lives could get a little bit back) It was not available for anyone on benefits that was a different set up altogether.
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