£300 to spend on a 32" tv...

Found 3rd Mar 2009
Hi Guys,

I need a new tv for the lounge and ideally want a 32".

It needs to have hdmi input.

Anyone know of the best available offer at the moment?

Many Thanks
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hi their try looking on the tj hughes website they have 32 inch beko tvs starting at around that mark heres a link
Hope this helps ya

That one does indeed look pretty good!

But... would it be worth spending the £50 extra and getting the sammy :s
£269.98 with a Samsung panel & freeview built in

Thought I would send you this one but its 37" for £334.99 with freeview just incase you can get a larger one

Hope it helps.
also when it comes to TV's these days most are the same quality as they use panels from a few main makers, so its jsut the bells and whistles and the syles that a re different really.
Thanks m8 :-)


The reviews for the 32" Vistron seem to be a bit 'off' in the above link. Granted it's from last year, but do you think the curent version on the Ebuyer website is better?
get along to


option to pay over 3 months as well- interest free- no credit checks either= just debt /credit card required

That one looks good?

But is it worth it over the Vistron? I'd go for the vistron right now if it wasn't for the negative reviews on avforums!
Going to go for the Vistron. All of the reviews seem to be from January 2008 so hopefully it has improved a bit now ;).. Can't go wrong for £270.


Going to order at the end of the day - unless someone comes up with something before then!! ;-)
I think it should be ok, I know someone who has one (not that model thou) an he is happy with it. If you pay more you get better for the price yuou cant go wrong thou.

All the best with
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