30,000 Posts for Emmajk42 !

    Congratulations Emma on your 30,000+ posts today and all without too much spam :giggle:

    Well Done!


    well done emma

    Thanks for keeping us all on the straight and narrow


    [SIZE=5][COLOR=purple]Congratulations Emma on your 30,000+ posts today … [SIZE=5][COLOR=purple]Congratulations Emma on your 30,000+ posts today and all without too much spam :giggle:[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=5][COLOR=purple]Well Done![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    I think some of them were telling me off :giggle: Well done Emma, congrats on holding the place together :thumbsup:

    WOW - 30,000 Posts, well done emma. This place wouldnt be the same without you. :thumbsup:

    too much spam :? Ya' avin a larf!!

    Wtg Emma!! Good on ya! :thumbsup: xx

    well done Emma. I was going to post a celebration picture, but i then remembered that it may not be a good idea. ;-)


    Congratz Em!!!

    Well done, Cheers for the laughs and helpfulness! :thumbsup:

    Emma!! Well done. When's the party?



    Thanks guys!!! :w00t:


    every post a gem .....

    30k, Wow!

    [CENTER][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Magenta"]I know what i could post, but i'll just have it removed.... :oops:

    Congrats Emma [/COLOR]:lol::lol::lol:[/SIZE][/CENTER]

    Irish lasses always get double the attention another congratualtions emma to add to the advanced one I gave you for the magic you're now going to post a mug...or maybe bikini!!! shot... to celebrate....woweee ..LOL

    Another notch on the bedpost emmma.
    Fantastic stuff.Keep up the great work girl.:thumbsup:

    Congrats emma :thumbsup:

    Rep all round I say! C'mon Emma....give it to us! :whistling: :giggle:

    (A true sign that us woman do chat too much though!!)

    Well Done

    Spam by any other name is still spam ;).

    Good work Emma :-D!
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